Monday, November 13, 2006

Final Drawing session before Thanksgiving.. and more...

Hey Sketchers... as we wind down the season, I want to give a heads up on what the next couple of weeks will bring.

• This week, we will meet on November the 16th at the Starbucks on Woodward and 13 Mile, at 7:45 PM.
• If you want to show up at Starbucks the next week on the 23rd, please feel free. I, however, will be at home eating Thanksgiving dinner and probably cursing the Lions.
• The last day of November, the 30th, we will meet once again at the Starbucks on Woodward and 13 Mile. I know this is going to be a crunch if you are currently in school, so feel free to bring out any projects or sketchbooks to work on while we are there.

We'll discuss the month of December, because the semester will end on the 15th. See you soon!

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Chris said...

mmmm... break