Thursday, August 28, 2008


Pasta vs Pasta... a Carbolicious Battle!

It was an historic rise to the top. In an unprecedented demolition of competition, Alfredo rose above his #11 seed to become the 2008 FOOD FIGHT CHAMPION. Going an impressive 4-0 in this year's competition, Alfredo rolled over every advantage his competitors had on him. There was no doubt who the true champion was. The best dish one, hams down!

A new champion raises the ultimate prize over his head!

Current win-loss records: Tyler 4-0, Joe Foo 3-1, Jongmee 2-1, Anna Lisa 2-1, Chris 2-2, Kassandra 1-1, Miker 1-1, Richie 1-2, Tony 1-1, Scott 0-1, Patty 0-1, Kristen 0-1, Morgan 0-1, Bobby 0-2,

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