Monday, April 20, 2009

The Return of Sketches From a Hat!! 4/17/09

Sketches from a hat made its triumphant return last week at the DSD@CCS potluck! We have tons of fun drawings from many fun and new people. Check them out!

Someone drew the phrase "Kick The Bucket". Anyone who wants to claim this one?
Poor Charlie.

Karli drew the phrase "The Bee's Knees". That's one surely B!

Zach drew the phrase "Ants In The Pants".

Jasmin drew the phrase "Back To The Drawing Board".

Dieter drew the phrase "Naked As A Jay Bird". Obviously, this is blurred to protect the innocent.

Veronica drew the phrase "Like a Fish Out of Water".
That'll do frog. That'll do.

Jackie drew the phrase "Fight Tooth and Nail".

Colin drew the phrase "Hey!! Cow!".

Frank drew he phrase "Filled To The Brim".

Tom gave us a little insight on his childhood by drawing the phrase "The Cat's Pajamas".

SMACK drew the phrase "He Rests On His Laurels".

Jongmee drew the phrase "Rags To Riches". Or should it be "Rags to Richies"? It took me a few days to figure this one out.

Anna Lisa drew the phrase "At The Tip Of My Tongue".

Pat drew the phrase "In a Pig's Eye".

Tyler drew the phrase "I Can Feel It In My Bones".

Foo drew the phrase "The Dogs of War".

Mike Smith drew the phrase "Rat Race".

Richie made his return to DSD with a lewd rendition of the phrase "I Can Read Him Like an Open Book".

ummmm... Yessica drew the phrase "Hand Over Fist". As you can see, this is massively blurred out.
Yeah, she really drew this.


Anna Lisa said...

i can't believe I was out smutted. Damn.

This was a good get together!

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