Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Fight III

#1 Mr Dastardly Pickle trained by Anna Lisa
Rank #1: +200

#2 Greek Salad trained by Kristen
Ranks #2: +150

#3 Onion Ringja trained by Ian
Ranks #3: +100

#4 General Swiss and the Buffalo Boys trained by Morgan

#5 Deez Nuts trained by Foo

#6 Taquitos Samurai trained by Tyler

#7 Suds and the Salt Lickers trained by Chris

#8 Cheesa Burgette trained by Veronica

#9 Chili Fry Smasher trained by Kassandra

#10 Chili Cheese Fry Monster trained by Ryan

Best use of Alcohol- Suds and the Salt Lickers (+50)
Best Name- Deez Nuts (+50)
Most Appetizing Dish- Chili Fry Smasher (+25)
Most Gratuitous Dish- Cheesa Burgette. (+25)

Ladies and Gentlemen, your Food Fighters for 2009!


Chris said...

Wow! Super fun Food Fighters! I wish I could've been there last night Joe! I'm back home for a wedding though and missed the fight... :(

Chris said...
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