Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reservations are now open!

Check out for reservations! We need at least 6 entries to start the food fight, and the more people we have, the better! Tell your friends! Competition begins on September 20th!

Friday, July 27, 2007

So Mike and I have decided on the BLACK LOTUS BREWING COMPANY to be the location for drawing night from now on. They serve homemade beers along will a wide variety of specialty coffees and teas. It has some pretty good atmosphere, and a nice lounge area in the back. People under 21 are welcomed, but obviously can not concume alcoholic beverages. Mike and I will be closely monitoring this too, so don't even try it!

The Black Lotus is easy to find. If you are coming up from school, take I-75 north to 14 mile, and go west on 14 mile until you get to the north-east corner of Main and 14. Email me if you need more directions!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Goodbye to our home away from home!

Well, this is our last week at the Starbucks located on Woodward just north of 13 Mile. A tear comes to my eye when I recall the countless fun we had here, but August is looming over us, and Woodward is not the street you want to hang around in the middle of August! So we move on to a new location starting August 2nd! The exact wheres and hows will be brought up after Mike and I finish scouting some new prospects. Keep posted to this blog for further info!

Regardless, join us for a fond farwell to this fine establishment! It has treated us like true gentlemen (and occasional gentle women) and we greatly appreciate the love! Farwell random Bob Marley songs! Farwell strange hair dresser support groups! Farwell Orange Creme whipped milky drinks! We move onward!

See you there! Same time, 8:00!