Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sketches From a Hat 2/21/08

Kristen's rookie sketch was the phrase "Your Youthful Exuberance Amazes Me".

Hollie's rookie sketch was the phrase "Look Under There!"

Tyler's rookie sketch was the phrase "Cold Outside?"

Veronica drew the phrase "I'm Very Popular Here".

Anna Lisa drew the phrase "Oh, Thats Hot!"

Richie's return sketch was the phrase I Think I Misunderstood The Assignment".

Kassandra drew the phrase, "Is That Suppose To Be On Fire?"

Miker drew the phrase "Improvised Riot Gear".

Joe Foo drew the phrase "Hidden Secret of Woodland Creatures".

Jongmee drew the phrase "Lookout Turtles!"

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gotta Catch Them All...

Banareeno was trained by Jongmee.

Burlino was trained by Anna Lisa.

Coloffle was trained by Veronica.

Jammusaria was trained by Joe Foo.

Joopintoo was trained by Miker.

Madderidle was trained by Richie.

Pikoola was trained by Holly.

Sloween was trained by Kristen.

Snawfulus was trained by Sam.

Squishoolie Bat was trained by Tyler.

Tonine was trained by Kass.