Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sketch From A Hat... two years... one post

A good start for 2008...

Special guest Mike L drew the phrase "Wow, This Really Hurts".

Jongmee drew the phrase "Your Creative Process Astounds Me".

Joe Foo drew the phrase "Box Step".

Miker drew the phrase "You Stole My Cheese".

...and the last of 2007!

Special guest, Mike L drew the phrase "Troll Bridge:.

Richie drew the phrase "Look Out For What?"

Kassandra drew the phrase "I Know It Shouldn't Be, But Thats Adorable".

Bobby came back from college to draw the phrase "Dance Party".

Joe Foo was lucky enough to draw this gem of a phrase "Who Booby Trapped This?".

Monday, December 31, 2007

It has been one huge year for Draw Sucka! Draw! To all of our friends who participated in Sketchcrawl, Food Fight, Zombie Beauty Pagent, Sketches From a Hat, and to everyone featured in our first published book DSD SKETCHBOOK I, I wish you a bright and happy 2008! We'll see you all next year!