Thursday, August 28, 2008

Whats my line again?

We played the famous DRAW-N-PASS game once again!


Pasta vs Pasta... a Carbolicious Battle!

It was an historic rise to the top. In an unprecedented demolition of competition, Alfredo rose above his #11 seed to become the 2008 FOOD FIGHT CHAMPION. Going an impressive 4-0 in this year's competition, Alfredo rolled over every advantage his competitors had on him. There was no doubt who the true champion was. The best dish one, hams down!

A new champion raises the ultimate prize over his head!

Current win-loss records: Tyler 4-0, Joe Foo 3-1, Jongmee 2-1, Anna Lisa 2-1, Chris 2-2, Kassandra 1-1, Miker 1-1, Richie 1-2, Tony 1-1, Scott 0-1, Patty 0-1, Kristen 0-1, Morgan 0-1, Bobby 0-2,

Food Fight II Round 3

Spaghetti gives Sisters UPSET Stomach!

In yet another upset in this competition, #4 seeded Scargetti ran over the #1 Cannoli Sisters! It was a vicious battle, and the advantage switched back and forth. In the end, though, the entree came before the dessert! The Sisters bow out of the competition making it to the semi-finals and the satisfaction of winning the Judge's Favorite Award and the award for Most Appetizing Dish. However, awards don't get you closer to the final prize, the coveted HELMS CUP! Scargetti advances to the final round, one step closer to glory!

Wabbit Stewed!

The Most Gratuitous Dish faced off against the Cinderella Story in a classic battle for supreme cuisine! The Rabbit was pounding on the Seafood Pasta, when a phone call from the trainer turned things around completely. RWRW had Alfredo on the ropes when her trainer, Anna Lisa, called and started calling the moves. In the confusion, Al regathered his bearing, reorganized his strategy and attacked with renewed energy. The onslaught was too much for the Rabbit, who quickly toppled much tot he dismay of her trainer. When the smoke had cleared, the rabbit was down, and Alfredo had bought his first class ticket to the final round!