Friday, September 28, 2007

Sketches From A Hat 9/27/07

In spite of the great opening day games we had on Thursday, we all found 15 minutes to do a little sketching from a hat! Thanks to everyone who showed up for Draw Sucka!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Upset special!

It was a battle at the Black Lotus Brewing Company on Thursday night. A battle of epic proportions.

The four Food Fight Warriors moving on to the semi-finals are Berries n" Blitzkrieg, Corned Beef and Hash Dragon, Bacon Arms MacMuffin, and Goo Goo. Two underdogs, Bacon Arms MacMuffin and Goo Goo, came out against amazing odds. They both defeated their opponents who had big point advantage.

Next Thursday, these four warriors will compete in the semi finals. Goo Goo will start with 235 points. Bacon Arms will start with 230 points. Corned Beef Hash Dragon will start iwth 265 points. Berries n' Blitzkrieg will start with 280 points.

The biggest defeat of the night came in the opening battle, when Corned Beef Hash Dragon took down El Poncho Del Terrible Omeletto. Dragon came out 130 points ahead of Omeletto when the dust had cleared.

The highlight of the night had to be Bacon Arms MacMuffin battled Hash Brown Jack. There were 6 lead changes in the battle, and it came down to the last 30 points. Bacon Arms pulled out the big win.

The biggest upset of the night happened when #2 Piglin the Odiferous took on #8 Goo Goo. Goo Goo came up from a 120 point disadvantage to beat his opponent.

Next week, the semi-final begin. See who makes the cut, and who gets served up!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Food Fight I Tournament rankings

The tournament has been set. The brackets are seeded. The tournament is all set to begin on Thursday September 27th!

The ranking was determined by a council of your peers. The Food Warriors are ranked according to the amount of votes received.