Friday, October 05, 2007

Sketches From A Hat for 10/4/07

Another fun filled game!

From Kassandra Whats-her-face

Long distance from Kells in North Carolina!

From Heidi

From Jongmee

From the Miker

Long distance from Bobby in Ann Arbor!

From Richie

From Joe Foo

From Chris

From Scott

The FINAL BATTLE quickly approaches

In an eventful evening, Both Bacon Arms MacMuffin and Berries n' Blitzkreig advance from the final four. The two semi-final battles were exciting! All four competitors gave it everything they had, but in the end, only two dishes held their ground. In the finals, it will be #1 Berries n' Blitzkreig verses #6 Bacon Arms MacMuffin. Bacon Arms will start with 250 points, and Berries will have 315.

May the best entree win!