Thursday, August 06, 2009

Food Fight III Round 1 results

Suds gets Licked!
In the first major blow out of FFIII, the Monster dished out a severe offensive attack that neither the Suds nor his Salt Licks could recover from. Although putting up a brilliant effort in the end, it was not enough for the beverage to withstand the fury of the Chili Cheese Fry Monster!

Burgette Smashed!
It was an amazing battle that went right down to the wire. When the dust settled, it was Chili Fry Smasher who prevailed over Cheesa Burgette. Advantage shifted back and forth between these two evenly matched competitors as they clashed. Action was so heated, that it was anyone's match within the closing rounds of this battle. The winner, Chili Fry Smasher lumbers its way into the next round op the tournament.

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